Hey fam! We wanted to let you know more about our amazing project and what we bring to the community! As you know Green Wednesday is the day before thanksgiving when people visit their local dispensaries to stock up on all their weed needs.

As dispensaries are often closed for the national holiday, many weed users like to stock up in preparation. This day is known for massive discounts and deals across all the dispensaries. Since we know dispensaries always have amazing deals and discounts every day and not just on Green Wednesday, we decided that every day is Green Wednesday!

We are partnering up with the best local dispensaries here in los angeles and showcase all their daily deals and discounts. This way you can use our site to find any deal or discount and just email it to yourself. Next time you go to that dispensary, you have the deal or discount ready to go in your inbox. Join our mailing list and well send you the best deals on the daily. We also give out free swag so be on the lookout!

Email yourself deal or discount


Our dispensaries on Green Wednesday are our family and we value the relationships we build with each dispensary and its brands. Our goal is to let all the wonderful people of LA know about all your deals and discounts.

We know it’s not easy marketing online, especially when it comes to weed. Luckily we are a team of marketing experts that know how to market your deals and discounts to make sure you get the best return of investment (ROI) that’s easy to track as well. Besides using search engines in a way that we can advertise effectively, we have also learned how to use social media to effectively advertise weed deals and discounts without getting flagged. In addition, we partner up with local influencers in your area and make sure to only select certain dispensaries so we don't bombard the site with so many different ones. We believe in fair marketing and also visit your store to show your customers how to search our site with deals if you would like.

To advertise with us, just send us a quick email and we’ll personally call you and work out a custom plan that suits your needs. Our goal here at Green Wednesday is to help promote your daily deals and discounts to our amazing LA family and new visitors that come on a daily basis. Our goal is to boost brand and dispensary awareness and work together with you so everyone in LA knows where to find you. Call us or email us, we are here for you.